Welcome to Every Child A Learner

Learning is like a secret garden hidden behind a locked door and some children find the process of learning easier than others. As teachers we need to provide the structure, the support and the culture for all of our children to thrive.

Embedding the concept of mindsets throughout a school develops a learning culture where children feel confident to make mistakes, seek support in their learning, and challenge themselves. This can then be further developed by empowering children through metacognition to know themselves as learners, and to select strategies to enable them to be an effective learner.

All About Katherine Muncaster

Katherine Muncaster is a headteacher of a primary school in Stockport.  She has been teaching for 21 years and is passionate about engaging children in their own learning.

She has been researching and teaching metacognition and the concept of growth mindset to young children for the last ten years. She is the co-author with Shirley Clarke of ‘Growth Mindset Lesson: Every Child a Learner’ and Thinking Classrooms: Metacognition Lessons for Primary School’.

She also works as an education consultant and has presented her work at conferences, and universities, and delivers training for schools.