Training With Katherine

Katherine is available to deliver bespoke training to schools, clusters, MATs and LAs. Training can be delivered both in person and virtually.

Please contact her directly to discuss your requirements.

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“Very informative, well paced. Good range of listening time and practical activities including feedback.”

Attendee on Rising Stars Mindset Training

“I loved the use of video clips to illustrate the use of language in the classroom.  Very relatable manner that helped me think straight away about what I can do in my classroom and my school.”

Training for Kent consortium of schools

“Presenter was very knowledgeable about the subject- lots of very good practical ideas.”

Attendee on Rising Stars Mindset Training

“Very inspirational and motivating. I enjoyed listening to Katherine and learnt new ideas and strategies to take back and share/implement.”

Training for Kent consortium of schools

Online Training

Coming soon…

An online training program, that will enable schools to effectively develop a culture of Growth Mindset in school. Including content equivalent to one-day professional development day for schools or individual teachers.

Upon completion of the training you will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Implement a ‘whole school’ approach for developing mindsets.
  • Transform classroom practice to support a culture where children are resilient learners who persevere and see learning as journey.
  • Develop a consistent approach to feedback, which impacts on learners.

Training is delivered around 3 focused sessions-

Introduction to Mindsets and the Importance of Feedback

  • Overview of Carol Dweck’s Mindset Theory the supporting research
  • Feedback – effective feedback to support a mindset culture
  • Teacher’s role in developing mindsets

Mindsets in the Classroom

  • Introduction to a whole school mindset programme.
  • Practical classroom strategies for developing mindsets
  • Use of video clips to model how mindsets can be developed in the classroom

Mindsets in the classroom and a Whole School approach to developing mindsets

  • Progression through a school
  • Opportunities to explore practical activities and reflect on the approaches

Whole School Approach- strategies for effectively developing a whole school approach to mindsets, potential barriers and ways of overcoming them.

The training comes complete with a range of practical resources and relevant guidance notes. Online training content can be paused at any point –  enabling the training to be undertaken with ease at the convenience of the trainee.